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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Social Bookmarking

Important SEO Tips of today
Today the discussion topic is Social Bookmarking. It is one of the useful procedure to generate good back links and get good visitors. If the visitors like the site and product they will become good customers. Social Bookmarking sites are usually very much SEO friendly.
If one can get good quality back links means from good PR sites and from proper category it will be so much useful for the site. In social bookmarking one must put proper keywords and proper descriptions.It is a list of website listed by the people in proper category. If anyone finds a website useful they bookmark it in different bookmarking sites for further reference to other people who might be interested in this site.
Be sure that do not spam these sites. Other wise they will throw out the site from the listing. There are thousands of bookmarking sites. one can do bookmarking for their own sites. By book marking one can well perform in google also. There are bookmarking sites like Digg, etc.


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